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Livingston Home Care
Garth Monderoy


As owner of this Assisting Hands location, Garth Monderoy joined the team in late 2018. After a full career in banking, he decided it was time to make a change. Caring about the well-being of his own parents, and fellow baby boomers, he wanted to make sure they had guidance and would be cared for appropriately and with compassion. He decided that home care was the direction he should take. Choosing Assisting Hands made sense in so many ways and loves that it gives him so many opportunities to meet other individuals, finding it rather admirable how others make it in this world. He is a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur, home cook (specializing in jerk chicken) and an avid gardener. He also loves to spend time with his son doing what he likes.

Garth Monderoy


Mary Alice’s passion for nursing started in high school watching the TV show, ER. She wanted to be just like nurse Hathaway. She remembers, as a child, she was taken to an ER for a head laceration. While her mother couldn’t stand the smell of the hospital and her father fainted, Mary Alice was completely fascinated. She can still remember the soothing voice of the nurse comforting her and assuring her that everything was going to be okay. Her family insisted she volunteer at a local hospital before she go to college for it. So, she volunteered and absolutely loved it. She ended up going to college in MD, and despite the challenge of not having the close support of her family, Mary Alice successfully earned a dual degree BS in psychology and nursing science. She moved back to NJ, and with the support of her family, she went to the renowned Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing and earned her nursing diploma and RN degree in 2007. She then worked at a regional trauma center in an orthopedic/trauma unit.

After having her first child, Mary Alice moved to home care to be closer to home. After her the birth of her second child, she switched to long term care and subacute rehab. The COVID pandemic gave her an opportunity to assist her kids in school as well as finish school, earning her BSN. She continues her studies toward an MSN in Nursing Informatics to be best prepared for the digital age; learning how to integrate technology into nursing care. After caring for her mother at home and having CHHAs help her with that process, Mary Alice decided to move back to home care nursing treating every client like family. Aside from spending time with her children, Mary Alice loves to garden.

Garth Monderoy


Carolyn joined Garth, her partner in life, and the team in March 2021. Carolyn spent 23 years in financial services, where her detail-oriented approach, organizational, communication, and management skills have allowed her to transition smoothly to home health care. Carolyn has always enjoyed helping people and is excited to help the team at Assisting Hands deliver quality care to our clients and colleagues with the compassion and dignity that they deserve. Carolyn loves to spend her free time watching movies with Garth, visiting her children, dancing, working out, and going for walks with her Rottweiler, Athena.