4 Hobbies that Can Boost an Aging Adult’s Health

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Getting older can bring both physical and mental changes, but hobbies are a way seniors can offset some of these changes and bring enjoyment to their lives. There are many diverse activities seniors can participate in, and here are four that may boost your senior loved one’s physical and mental health. 


1. Swimming

For seniors with joint pain who love being in the water, swimming can be a great mix of hobby and exercise. The water can support your loved one’s weight, allowing him or her to get a full workout without putting too much pressure on the joints. Also, since swimming is an aerobic exercise, the heart can become more efficient at pumping blood through the body, preventing heart disease and fatty buildup in the arteries. 

If your loved one needs help with exercising safely, consider hiring a professional caregiver. Elder care experts are available to provide high-quality care to seniors on an as-needed basis. From assistance with mobility and exercise to providing transportation to the doctor’s office and social events, there are a variety of ways professional caregivers can help your aging loved one continue to live independently.


2. Gardening

Gardening provides not only a source of fresh fruits and vegetables but also potential physical and mental health benefits. The kneeling, digging, raking, and other movements involved in gardening can engage different muscle groups, promote hand strength and joint flexibility, and enhance overall motor skills. Just being outside while gardening can boost vitamin D levels and prevent heart disease. Your loved one may also find purpose in watching a plant grow and nurturing it, boosting mood while relieving feelings of stress or anxiety. 

Taking up a purposeful hobby like gardening is just one of the many ways seniors can enhance their quality of life. If you have a senior loved one who needs help maintaining a high quality of life while aging in place, reach out to Assisting Hands Home Care, a leading provider of home care Livingston families can rely on. All of our caregivers are bonded, licensed, and insured, there are no hidden fees, and we never ask our clients to sign long-term contracts.


3. Genealogy

Seniors often have firsthand experiences and memories younger family members don’t have. Genealogy can allow seniors to trace their family history. For seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia, the process of researching and learning about family history can stimulate memory and reduce the rate of cognitive decline. 


4. Arts

Whether it’s drawing, painting, photography, dance, theater, or music, there’s likely an art your loved one will enjoy. Not only will your loved one be more active, but the physical aspects of art can also increase hand-eye coordination and strengthen various muscles. The creativity involved in producing art can stimulate the mind, enhance mood, and prevent depression. 

If your loved one needs assistance with hobbies or daily activities, consider hiring a professional caregiver. For families living in Livingston, respite care can be a wonderful solution when their aging loved ones need companionship and socialization a few hours a week or just need minor assistance with daily household tasks. At Assisting Hands Home Care, we thrive on helping seniors maintain their independence while living in the comfort of home. Give us a call today to learn about our flexible in-home care plans.